I started playing the guitar over 30 years ago...

...when I was 14. By the time I was 20, I was teaching the guitar part time and playing in local bands. After a few years of having other (dull) jobs, I started my own full time teaching and session business which I have to this day.


I have had relationships with several companies over the years including Framus Guitars, Danelectro, Brit Picks and Sfarzo strings whom I still endorse.

I specialise in rock, with hints of blues and fusion. In 2011 I had the honour of playing alongside some of the finest players in the country when I was a UK Guitarist of the Year finalist, playing at the Royal Festival Hall, London.


I have recorded online lessons for

I currently play in 80s tribute band "Beyond Earth" and conduct technique workshops here and there, now and then.


Gear wise, I use Ibanez prestige guitars, EVH amps, various pedals and Sfarzo strings exclusively.

I have recorded loads of tunes over the years, and have just finished my latest recorded work "Burst", which can be ordered from itunes, or direct from this web site.

The Conrad Harpham Band are currently touring in the SW UK, performing instrumental tunes from my new CD...